Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how many invoices or quotations I can send on a monthly basis?

Absolutely not, send as many invoices as you want. In fact we want you to be sending as many invoices as possible.

Do I get charged for sending invoices or quotations via email?

No, sending invoices or quotations via email to your customers is part of our service to you.

Do I need a credit card to become a subscriber?

No, we accept debit, cheque and credit cards through Visa and Mastercard. You can even pay with Bitcoin if you wish.

What is the difference between a "new job" and a new invoice/quotation?

Essentially creating a new job is the same as creating a new invoice or quote. The major difference is that creating a new job gives you
more power when adding line items. With tools like rich text when editing line item descriptions.

Which South African banks do you support for bank statement importing?

We currently support Absa, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank with Capitec to follow soon.

What happens if my trial expires?

You will be asked to start a paid subscription if you wish to continue using the service.

How long is the contract period? does not tie our customers down with contracts. Feel free to cancel your subscription at anytime.

How do I extract my data from Clica?

You can export payments, invoices and expenses to .csv at anytime. Simply select your date range and run the export.

How long is a trial subscription?

30 Days.